Belize shares a large land border with Mexico to the north and the northwest, and the two countries share a lot of economic, cultural, and tourism industry ties. The Mexican Embassy in Belmopan has recently issued an advisory to all Belizeans driving in/to Mexico that they must obtain car insurance valid for operating a vehicle in Mexico. 

Unfortunately, a lot of Belizean drivers who regularly cross into Mexico, including the border town of Chetumal, think that either their Belizean insurance will cover them or that they do not need car insurance if they’re only in Mexico for a few hours. This is not true. Mexican law requires all drivers operating a vehicle in Mexico to have car insurance that is valid in Mexico, even if the driver is “only” making a quick journey to border towns like Chetumal, Cancun, Merida, Tumul, or Playa del Carmen.

Speaking to the press, Hugo Juarez Carillo, the press and legal affairs representative of the Mexican Embassy in Belize said, “You do not need a special permit for your car if you are only traveling to Quintana Roo State, but you must obtain one if you are driving in Mexico outside of Quintana Roo. We welcome Belizeans are our brothers, but please remember that you must obtain Mexican car insurance if you are driving in Mexico.”

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