If you’re in Belize and are planning on driving to Mexico, you should be aware that the law changed in June 2018, and vehicle insurance valid in Mexico is now mandatory. Previously, Belize-registered vehicles were allowed to operate in Quintana Roo State without requiring Mexican insurance, but the new regulations now make obtaining Mexican vehicle insurance obligatory for all Belizean drivers.

Simpsons Insurance Agency Ltd. (SIAL) is Belize’s premier provider of insurance products, including Mexican auto insurance. SIAL has a full range of vehicle and travel insurance products for visits to Mexico. Whether you need vehicle insurance valid in Mexico for a day, week, month, or a year, SIAL has what you need.

Mexican auto insurance provided by SIAL will not only allow you to legally operate your Belize-registered vehicle anywhere in Mexico but will also provide coverage in case your vehicle is involved in an accident. Whether you are at fault or the victim of a careless driver, SIAL’s Mexican auto insurance products will ensure that you are fully protected. SIAL’s Mexican insurance products also cover vehicle theft as well as damage caused by landslides, volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, hail, and other natural disasters.

Mexican auto insurance provided by SIAL also includes 24-hour roadside assistance in case of a breakdown, getting locked out, or running out of fuel. In addition to 24-hour legal assistance, including attorney’s fees and bail bonds, the insurance also provides coverage for medical expenses, bodily injury liability, and property damage liability.

And for travelers heading to Mexico, SIAL also offers comprehensive travel coverage at very affordable rates. Travel insurance will protect Belizeans against loss or damage to their personal belongings, financial losses in case of unused accommodations or canceled activities, bodily injury, hospital fees, or other travel-related damages.

SIAL has offices conveniently located across the country, its headquarters located in Belmopan.  If you’re planning on driving your vehicle to Mexico, be sure to stop by a SIAL office and chat with a friendly representative about finding an affordable and convenient policy to protect you while visiting Mexico.

Abel Simpson Sr. is also an agent for Sagicor Life Inc. and provide a wide range of other insurance products, including life insurance, individual health & group insurance, critical illness and more.

As the Legal Representative for Guardian Group, SIAL can provide to you and your friends, travel insurance plans, private and commercial motor insurance, marine insurance, private & commercial property insurance, Mortgage Indemnity Plans, Bonds, and more…

For all of your insurance needs, you can rely on Simpsons Insurance Agency Limited.

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